Automobile Crashes & 18 Wheeler Accidents

Get the real facts about automobile collision cases in the Beaumont, Texas area!

If you have been injured in a collision, do the following:
  • Seek medical care immediately
  • Report your collision to the police and your insurance company
  • Discuss your rights with a local Board Certified lawyer
Most insurance companies now use computer programs to evaluate auto injuries & claims. It is imperative that you speak personally with a local lawyer who knows what information insurance companies use to evaluate claims. In addition, you need a local car crash attorney who knows the local adjusters, the local courts and the local attorneys, so that he or she may get you full value for your case.
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Premises Liability

As an injury lawyer, I find there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the law of premises liability. When a person slips or trips and falls on the property of a business, or a private residence, is there a right to file suit and collect damages? Many people believe these are easy cases to win, when they actually are very difficult. It is very important that you hire a local Beaumont, Texas Board Certified Injury Trial Lawyer who has experience handling premises liability cases.

You need an injury lawyer like Jonathan C. Juhan, who has successfully handled premises liability cases against refineries, stores and businesses. You need a local lawyer who knows the local insurance adjusters, local courts and local attorneys, so that he or she can maximize your recovery in the Beaumont, Texas area.

You need to know all you can about premises liability cases. These include events where someone is injured due to the condition of another person’s property. Jonathan Juhan has been successfully handling premise liability cases for 14 years.

Product Liability

Products liability cases can be filed when someone is injured due to a defective product. There are three categories of product defect: manufacture, design and/or warning. You need a local Board Certified injury trial attorney to handle these complex cases. Jonathan Juhan has been helping injured victims of Southeast Texas for more than 14 years.

Social Security

You’ve worked hard all of your life, but now, life has thrown you a curve ball. Maybe you were severely injured in an accident. Perhaps the consequences of a life of hard work are now catching up to you. Perhaps you’ve become severely ill. Whatever the case, you are no longer in a place where you are physically and/or mentally capable of working, despite not having reached retirement age.

The best option for you is to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, but this is easier said than done. The process is complex and confusing. Many people in genuine need are denied on their first attempt. You might wonder how you can possibly manage to cut through the red tape and access the benefits you need and have earned.

Medical Malpratice

People expect good results from medical treatment, but when things go wrong, people often ask lawyers about suing for medical malpractice. This is especially true where a doctor has not been compassionate or comprehensive in explaining what has happened. You need a local board-certified injury trial lawyer who has experience in the medical malpractice field.

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